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You are going to LOVE these Gender Reveal Party Games. We won’t sugarcoat it, there are a lot of things that go into a Gender Reveal Party. There are invites, balloons, a perfectly decorated cake, silly decorations, food, and drinks all in pink and blue.

Don’t let it all distract you too much though; this is supposed to be a super fun day full of precious surprises and that’s exactly why you cannot forget to play some gender reveal games!

We know there are a lot of different ways you can go about hosting your party (in fact, we even made our own guide full of options!), but no matter what you decide there’s always room for a little friendly competition in games.

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10 Super Fun Gender Reveal Party Games

You’ll probably want your party to last a few hours since you put so much work into preparing for it, but the actual reveal of your baby’s gender will last five minutes tops with a possible five minutes extra of celebrating.

You’ll fill the rest of the time with talk, food, and a couple of these little baby gender reveal games we pulled together for you.

Top 10 Gender Reveal Party Games

Here are the best gender reveal party game ideas! We recommend adding a couple to your party line-up to keep the fun rolling.

1. Sonogram Peek-a-Boo

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This is a cute and simple way to gather everyone’s guesses!

All this game requires is framing that sweet sonogram photo and inviting guests to write down their guesses of the baby’s sex. Leave a list in front of the frame for them to write their names on the side they choose. You can give the winning side a little gift after the reveal.

I found a BEAUTIFUL printout for this game, check it out!

2. Gender Reveal Juice Pong

Think beer pong, but family-friendly.

You probably know how this game goes from your college days, but with a few little twists, it makes the perfect Gender Reveal Party Game. Divide your guests however you’d like, into team blue and team pink or boys against girls. Fill some clear plastic cups with a pink or blue punch and see which team can get the most balls into their own cups.

You can have the teams stand at opposite ends of the table facing each other, or if you’ve only got a shorter space just have them take turns.

If it’s okay with the mama-to-be, you can also take gender-reveal drinking games up a notch with real alcohol. Just be sure to think of who your crowd is and be responsible!

3. #1 Name

13 Awesome Gender Reveal Party Games: Creative Ideas Guests Will Love! - Rookie Moms (3)

Here’s one way to get everyone to stop giving you name suggestions!

This is actually one of my favorite gender reveal party ideas games. Grab a cute chalkboard and write out your favorite boy and girl names. Let your guests pick which one they think is your #1 choice.

When you find out the gender of your baby, let your guests know your name pick too. Hey, two surprises in one!

Don’t forget to snap a photo either, as a mom of 5 I can tell you the question will come up at least 20 times. “What were all the names you wanted to name me?” or “What was my name going to be if I was a girl?” and it’s much easier to just pull up the photo than try to recall your pregnancy name thoughts.

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4. Baby Ballot & Lottery

A great game for big gatherings!

This one is pretty straightforward and someone will win a little cash in the end, which always adds an exciting twist. Have a blue and pink bucket out for guests to cast a ballot with their name on it. After you reveal the gender, you can pull a name from the winning bucket and that person will get the pot of cash.

You can go all out and make a couple of real voting stations if you want this to be the center of your party. Walmart actually sells a Gender Reveal Ballot Box, check it out here!

5. Balloon Reveal Race

A reveal and a game in one!

This is a little different than all of the other gender reveal game ideas because it also happens to be the reveal itself. You (and whoever is helping host your party) will fill 100 little balloons and scatter them around the party. Let guests know they can pop the filled balloons one at a time whenever they’d like.

1 out of the 100 will contain either pink or blue confetti and when it is finally popped everyone will know if you’re having a boy or a girl!

This is a great game for a smaller party because it’s more likely everyone will get a chance to pop multiple balloons.

6. Pretty Pink & Baby Blue Corn Hole

Themed corn hole? I’m in.

Once again, this game should be pretty familiar to you from your younger days. If you’re lucky you might even still have cornhole boards sitting around that can be refurbished, but if not there are plenty of places online to buy plain ones.

To create one of these homemade gender reveal games, spray paint the boards pink and blue and host a game or two of corn hole. This is really fun for kiddos of all ages if you’re having families come to your gender reveal.

7. Pop the Belly

Ready to get crafty?

Another fun gender reveal party game idea is Pop the Belly. This is a great game for those of us who have someone crafty in our lives. Set up a board with cutouts of Mom and attach balloon bellies to each of them. Then play a game of darts!

You can leave them empty for a simple fun game, or if you want this to be the actual reveal, fill the balloons with blue and pink paint. Whichever color there is more of will be the answer to what you are having!

8. Silly String Battle

Who isn’t down for a battle with silly string?

This might not have been on your original list of games for a gender reveal party, but it sure is fun! It might not be so much of a game, but you will rarely find party guests who aren’t excited to participate in a little silly string battle.

Equip the guests with either blue or pink silly string depending on what they guess you’re having. Then just let the battle begin!

9. Name Race

13 Awesome Gender Reveal Party Games: Creative Ideas Guests Will Love! - Rookie Moms (5)

This is about as simple as guessing games come!

Hand everyone a sheet of paper and set the timer for 9 minutes (since 9 months is the magic number)! Whoever can list the most names at that time is the winner.

This game is especially great if you’re still looking for a baby name because when you collect the sheets, voila you have hundreds of ideas.

10. Old Wives Tale Quiz

This is one of many popular baby shower games, but it’s great for a gender reveal as well.

It’s always fun to see who knows what’s fact and what’s simply a myth. There are plenty of quizzes already made online about Old Wives Tale myths predicting gender, you can print one of them out or just type up one of your own.

Everyone can count up their points at the end and you can give the winner a small prize!

Virtual Gender Reveal Games

What happens when you can’t get together for a gender reveal party? Well, it sure doesn’t mean you can’t find a way to celebrate with your friends & family!

You can all hop on a Zoom call together to find out the exciting news. In fact, you can even find an online gender reveal game to play!

Gender Reveal Baby Game – The Website

We will start things off simply as we venture into gender reveal games online. There is literally a website called genderrevealgame.com! You get to create your own simple game and everyone will compete to guess the right gender.

Put a Twist on Your Favorite Baby Reveal Games From Above

Many of the games from above, like the Old Wives Tale Quiz and the Name Race, can easily be transferred to a virtual platform. You can read the questions out loud or write them down for everybody to look at.

Which one of these gender reveal party games would you want to play?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do at gender reveal?

– Fill a box with pink or blue helium balloons to open
– Cut into a pink or blue cake to reveal the gender
– Let off gender reveal fireworks
– Have a pink or blue silly string battle

Who do you invite to a gender reveal party?

This party can be as small or as large as you would like. However, most gender reveals are more intimate with just close family and friends.

What do you take to a baby reveal party?

You can bring a small gift. A Bump Box subscription, gender-neutral clothing, precious baby shoes, or a baby book are all great ideas. Bringing some food or a bottle of wine (for when the parents-to-be can drink again) is also a nice gesture

What games to play at a gender reveal?

Here are the best gender reveal party game ideas! We recommend adding a couple to your party line-up to keep the fun rolling.
Sonogram Peek-a-Boo
Old Wives Tales Quiz
Gender Reveal Juice Pong

Who usually plans a gender reveal party?

While your friends and family will typically plan your baby shower, the gender reveal planning is typically left to the expecting couple. If you want to gender reveal to be a surprise to you as well as your guests, you can have your doctor let one special person know the secret!

Do you play games at a baby gender reveal?

Yes, playing games is a great way to fill time at your gender reveal party. The actual reveal of your baby’s gender will last five minutes tops with a possible five minutes extra of celebrating.

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Gender Reveal Party Games Overview:

Gender Reveal Party

A gender reveal party is a special event where the parents-to-be announce the gender of their baby to family and friends. These parties often involve various games and activities to build excitement and anticipation before the big reveal.

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The article discusses the different elements that go into organizing a gender reveal party, including invites, balloons, decorated cakes, decorations, food, drinks, and the importance of fun and surprises. These elements contribute to creating a joyful and engaging atmosphere for the celebration.

Gender Reveal Games

The article provides a list of 10 super fun gender reveal party games to entertain the guests, such as Sonogram Peek-a-Boo, Gender Reveal Juice Pong, #1 Name, Baby Ballot & Lottery, Balloon Reveal Race, Pretty Pink & Baby Blue Corn Hole, Pop the Belly, Silly String Battle, Name Race, and Old Wives Tale Quiz. These games are designed to involve the attendees and add excitement to the event.

Virtual Gender Reveal Games

In addition to in-person gatherings, the article suggests virtual gender reveal games for situations where physical gatherings are not possible. It mentions a website called genderrevealgame.com, where participants can create and engage in online games to guess the baby's gender.

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13 Awesome Gender Reveal Party Games: Creative Ideas Guests Will Love! - Rookie Moms (2024)


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