16 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas - Kids Activities Blog (2024)

Announcing details of your pregnancy is always fun, and we love these uniquegender reveal ideas!

The excitement of sharing if your baby will bea boy or girl is something you’ll want to share with everyone, so why not make it extra special?

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Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

Revealing the gender of your baby is always a big deal. You want everyone at your baby shower to know and have a great time, and you want the best photos possible to show everyone on social media.

Plus, you want your baby’s gender to be revealed in a creative way, different from other people like a family member or friend who may have had a gender reveal party.

We’ve got you covered with plenty of party ideas to reveal the sex of your baby!

Is a gender reveal a baby shower?

A gender reveal baby shower combines the party that surrounds a traditional baby shower with the big revelation of the baby’s sex. This can take all sorts of different forms from a party that is decorated so that when the participants arrive, they know the baby’s gender to a big secret event at the end of the party to make the big announcement. Use the ideas in this article to customize what you want for your gender reveal baby shower!

What is expected at a baby reveal party?

There is really only one expectation at a baby reveal party and that is to learn the baby’s gender! These type of parties and gender reveal events are relatively new so almost anything goes! Have fun and be creative so everyone is surprised and has a good time.

What can you do instead of gender reveal?

Making a surprise announcement at a baby shower or reveal party usually surrounds the baby’s gender, but other details about the baby could be announced instead like the baby’s name.

How can you tell the gender without knowing?

If you want to be as surprised as everyone else at the gender reveal party, then enlist some help! When you go for a sonogram ask the Sonographer to write down the sex of the baby on a piece of paper or place it in an envelope so you don’t know. Have your party hosts plan that part of the event without revealing the gender to you.

What other colors can you use for gender reveal?

The obvious colors used at a gender reveal party is pink for girls and blue for boys, but get creative with bright colors in those color families! Just remember that if people are confused when the big reveal happens, you will have some explaining to do…so sticking with traditional colors has its advantages.

How can I secretly reveal my baby’s gender?

We have the best list of ways to secretly reveal your baby’s gender. Each of these ideas could be used as a party or event “reveal” or could be incorporated into a girl or boy baby shower.

Gender Reveal Ideas with Food

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1. Decorate Vanilla Oreos

Serve confetti Vanilla Oreos with pink or blue chocolate or both if you want to keep the mystery in your snacks. Only dip half the cookie and don’t forget to add a lot of colorful sprinkles or jimmies. via Sprinkles for Breakfast

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2. Gender Reveal Cookies

Gender reveal cookies are fun AND tasty! Not only is gender reveal cookies adorable, but the inside is too. I love the mix of sprinkles and candies and you could use other types of candy and filling as well! You can use pink icing and blue icing to write with and then blue frosting for the other cookies once the big announcement is made. via Kisses and Caffeine

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3. Gender Reveal Punch

How adorable is this gender reveal party sign?! Not to mention the split blue and pink party and the punch! Each side of the party, whether they’re team blue or team pink has a specially made gender reveal punch. You can find the recipe here! via Pearls, Handcuffs, and Happy Hour

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4. Gender Reveal Champagne

Drop fizzy tablets into champagne to reveal pink or blue. The perfect way to toast your new baby! This gender reveal champagne can also be kid-friendly by substituting the alcohol for Sprite or 7UP. via Gender Reveal

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5. Gender Reveal Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies! Who would have thought that a fortune cookie could be used to reveal the sex of the baby? While it may be a simple idea, I think it really is a great idea to give everyone the good news without being difficult or over the top. You can grab your girl or boy fortunes on Amazon.

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Baby Reveal Ideas DIY Crafts

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6. Baby Gender Reveal

Fill black balloons with blue or pink confetti for the big reveal! This is such a cute idea, and I like how the used multiple shades of the confetti. Also, there is a free printable for a baby gender reveal invitation! via Happiness is Homemade

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7. How To Make Gender Reveal Powder

How fun is this colored powder gender reveal?! Turns out it is super easy to make, for some reason, I always pictured it as difficult to make. Not only do you learn how to make gender reveal powder, but they also give you ideas on how to use it as well. This is a very popular way to reveal whether you’re having a little girl or a little boy. via Bright Color Mom

8. Gender Reveal Paint

Give friends and family squirt guns filled with blue paint or pink paint — and have them shoot the parents-to-be! This could also make for a super cute photoshoot as well. Canvases also work if you don’t want to be pelted with paint. via Nicole Lei Lani

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9. Gender Reveal Picture Frame

Have party guests sign an ultrasound with a blue or pink pen to record their guess. This gender reveals picture frame is more of a decoration than a revealing, but it is so sweet nonetheless. via Blessed Beyond Words

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Simple Gender Reveal Ideas that are Inexpensive

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10. Free Gender Reveal Printables

Make a fun chart that compares the old wives’ tales for the pregnancy. Or you can just use this free gender reveal printable, plus many more including toppers and other party games. This is one of my favorites. Not only is it a unique way to reveal your baby’s gender, but it is so much fun because a lot of people have forgotten these old wives’ tales. via Food Fitness Life Love

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11. Gender Reveal Photos

This sibling gender reveal is a fun way to get the whole family involved! Not only will it get them involved and excited (hopefully), but you’ll also have some special photos to add to your album! via Life Your Way

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12. Gender Reveal Box

Put pink or blue balloons in a big box and open it to let everyone see. But don’t worry, the gender reveal box is decorated super cute so it isn’t plain. It’s simple, but still super cute, love it. Make sure to use helium balloons or the big moment may fall a little flat. via Jennifer Allwood

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13. Confetti Box

Fill a box with confetti and pull it open! This confetti box is not only filled with confetti but other fun stuff like balloons! I actually adore this idea. I think this is one of the more creative ideas because, well for one it is cute, but two, it is a great way to get some special photos as the confetti rains down on the parents. via Russell Martin Photography

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14. Sibling Photo

Share the news with a cute sibling photo. Look how precious this is! Set up a “sibling photo” to reveal the gender of the next baby. I love these little matching shirts! Little brother or little sister’s shirt will be hanging up next to big brother or big sister. via Simple Suburbia

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Baby Gender Reveal Ideas Games

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15. Gender Reveal Dart Board

“Pop the Belly” with paint-filled balloons and darts! So fun! I think this gender reveal dartboard is a fun way to get people involved in the festivities and the reveal. via Smudge Blog

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16. Gender Reveal Baseball

Break open this gender reveal baseball — an explosion of blue or pink dust will reveal the surprise. It is surprisingly easy to make and it is very budget-friendly. via Mets Daddy.

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17. Gender Reveal Pull String Pinata

Make a gender reveal pull string piñata to drop colored confetti. I really like this idea, not only because of the cuteness of it, but I like how they did it in particular. They let big sister pull the string to reveal the gender which got her involved in the excitement. via Funny Beautiful

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas

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18. Driving Surprise

Ladies and Gentlemen start your engines…your car engine that is and use this gender reveal tire burnout pack.

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19. Game Day Surprise

Toss this gender reveal football and girl vs. boy voting stickers for the big day.

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20. Homerun

Use these pink or blue powder filled baseballs to hit your gender reveal party out of the park.

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21. Court Surprise

This gender reveal basketball with pink or blue powder gives off the biggest puff for a great photo op when you make the basket.

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22. Balloons for everyone!

Use this set of “He or She – Pop to See!” Balloons and fill them with the appropriate colored confetti and let everyone at the party get involved at the big reveal moment.

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