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Error Code Or-Ccseh-05

Many Google Play users have come across error code or-ccseh-05 while using payment-related services. Have you also encountered this technical problem on your Google Play Store while purchasing something? Well, if you have experienced this problem, do not worry, you will be able to fix it with this troubleshooting guide.

In this article, we are going to talk about several ways that can help us get rid of this Google play error message.
Let’s get in…

When OR-CCSEH-05 Appears?

While making payments through Google Pay on Google Play Store, some people may notice this error. It also happens when a user buys an in-store item from Google Play using their other payment methods such as debit or credit card.

Using Google Pay, you can add your credit card, debit card, and different payment modes on Google Play Store to make effortless payments. However, these payment modes may not function well sometimes due to several issues, and as a consequence, you will see the or-ccseh-05 error.

What Triggers Or-Ccseh-05?

The causes of this error are uncertain, and there might be multiple reasons behind this error.
According to the Google support forum, there can be technical issues with the payment method you are using on Google Play Store to purchase items. It might be possible that the credit card or debit card you are using have some issues.

(Video) How to Fix Error Ensure Your Card Info is Correct or Try a Different Payment Method

In some cases, several debit and credit cards are not even supported by Google Play. In many banks, there are some restrictions on online transactions, including Google Play Store in-store items.

Therefore, it is possible that the problem is in the payment method you are using.

Hence, we need to try different fixes to troubleshoot the error code. So, what you are waiting for, let’s solve this error code and continue your Google pay payment.

Here we go…

Effective Ways to Fix Or-Ccseh-05

Method 1- Use an Alternate Payment Mode

As we discussed before, there might be an issue in your payment method. So, please use a new payment method to complete your transaction. To make it happen, please follow the instructions given down here:

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  • First, navigate to Google Play Store on your device.
  • After that, navigate to the item you want to purchase.
  • Tap the Price to make the payment.
  • Click on your current payment method.
  • Now you can try a different payment mode or add a new payment method.
  • For example, if the last time you was using a debit card to make the payment, then this time, you should use your credit card or another payment method.

It is possible that you may be able to fix it by trying an alternate payment method, as mentioned above. Even supposing, if it doesn’t work, please follow the next procedure.

Method 2- Checking Payment Details

You may also encounter this problem if you have provided incomplete information about your payment method. The payment method you are using may have some details missing. For example, if you are using a debit or credit card, you may not have provided your CVV code yet. Or else, you may not have mentioned the expiration date correctly.

Therefore, you need to check whether your payment method has all the required information or not. Also, look for the mistakes in the payment details, such as check if you have entered the expiration date, CVV, or other information incorrectly.

If you have checked the details and haven’t found any issue in it, then you are good to go. Please follow the next solution.

Method 3- Use a Digital Payment Method

Instead of using a credit card, debit card or online banking, you may use a digital payment mode to purchase an item on Google Play Store. For example, look for digital wallet options, like PayPal, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, etc.
All you need to do is, click on the price and then select a new payment method while purchasing the item. This will allow you to use a digital wallet instead of typical methods.
You may be able to solve the issue with a digital payment method.

(Video) How to solve the "OR-CCSEH-26" error code on payment methods...

Method 4- Via a Virtual Card

While purchasing an application or add-on item on Google Play Store, you can use a virtual card to make the payment.
According to many users, a virtual card can efficiently resolve Google Play Store invalid payment errors. That is why we are recommending this method. Not only that, but it is also surprisingly secure.

When you use a virtual card number on online purchases, you don’t have to use your original debit or credit card number, and this enhances your security.

A virtual card is a unique digital payment card that you may get from your bank by merely requesting for it. Whenever you need a virtual card, you can instantly use your Bank app to get one. Keep in mind a virtual card expires within 5 minutes; hence it’s a perfect solution to enhance your cybersecurity while doing online transactions.

To get a virtual card, please follow the steps given here:

  • First and foremost, make sure you have installed the primary banking application of your registered bank account.
  • Next, open the application of your bank and then look for the option that says, Virtual Card.
  • Possibly you will need to contact your Bank’s customer care to learn how to get a virtual card for your specific bank.
  • All banks have a different method of ordering the virtual card; therefore, we cannot show you the exact instructions here.
  • Gladly, most of the banks provide virtual card facility through their native banking apps.
  • Once you have created your virtual debit card, you can use it on Google Play Store to make purchases. You will need to be quick in using your virtual card as it will expire within 5 minutes. Once your old virtual debit card expires, you can get a new one using the same method.
  • Hopefully, by using the virtual card on Google Play Store, you will be able to fix the or-ccseh-05 error.

Method 5: Using Google Play Customer Support

If none of these methods works for you, you can get it fixed with Google Play customer support. They are exceptionally skilled in solving such technical issues. Millions of users around the world use Google Play customer service to get solutions to their problem.

(Video) your request failed use a different payment method problem | play store par card add nahai ho raha

Customer support is a team of technically-skilled engineers in a particular field. They have in-depth knowledge of their system and common technical problems.

Please follow the given down instructions to get in touch with Google Play’s customer support:

  • First, open the Google search.
  • After that, search for Google Play customer support.
  • Select the best matching result.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen to get in touch with them.
  • If they ask you to fill a form, do so, because it will help them understand your problem better.
  • The customer service of Google Play is of another level because they typically resolve a problem within no time.
  • We recommend you to contact them via email or directly through their customer service number. While describing the issue to the Google Play customer support, you should mention that you are getting “error code or-ccseh-05” on Google Play.
  • Once you tell them your issue, they will work it out, and you will be able to relax.
  • It is not possible for them to leave you without solving your problem.

Final Words

Google Play is one of the best places to purchase premium apps for your Android Phone or Tablet. It is highly secured and generally doesn’t act up like other cheap websites. However, if you have somehow encountered the error code or-ccseh-05, you will be able to fix it relatively quickly. All you have to do is, stick to the instruction provided on this page.

We hope this troubleshooting guide has worked for you, and you have found it helpful. We are so glad to see you here, and it will be a pleasure for us to see you again on our website.


How do I fix Google Play error code or Ccseh 05? ›

To fix the issue, select a different payment method or try the following:
  1. Wait for 2 days.
  2. Try to make the payment again.
  3. If you still get an error, contact Google support.

What does error code or Ccseh 05 mean? ›

" Your request could not be executed. Please make sure that your payment method information is correct or add a new payment method to your Google Account.

How do I fix Google Play payment error? ›

To fix these errors, try the following steps:
  1. Make sure your card & address information is up to date.
  2. Submit any extra information that is requested.
  3. Check you have sufficient funds for the purchase.
  4. Contact your bank or card issuer.
  5. If you see "Your payment was declined due to an issue with your account"

Why is Google declining my card? ›

If your payment method was declined and you received this message, Google noticed a suspicious purchase in your account. You can also receive this message because we need more info to: Protect your account against fraud.


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