Whiplash Injury & Treatment (New York City) (2023)

When it comes to whiplash injury and treatment in New York City, especially if it occurs in a car accident, there are a few important things you need to be aware of. Car accidents and personal injury incidents can bring life as you know it to a screeching halt. In just a split second everything can change and you find yourself battling, whiplash injuries, spinal cord injuries, medical bills and insurance forms while trying to find the healthcare you deserve. One important thing for you to understand is that each state has its own laws when it comes to personal injury claims, including those from car accidents.

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Car accidents and personal injury claims in New York

If you are injured in a car accident in New York it’s important to know what your rights under the state’s no-fault laws. It’s always a good idea to seek out expert help to understand your rights as well as what responsibilities you may have when seeking to pursue a personal injury claim. Below is a summary of a few things to consider when dealing with car accidents and personal injury in New York.

No-fault in a nutshell

New York is a no-fault state. No-fault, or personal injury protection insurance (PIP), covers things like medical expenses and loss of income for you, any passengers, or even pedestrians. That means claiming compensation for a whiplash injury will be made under your own policy. Under no-fault, you file the claim with your own insurance company no matter who is at fault. The amount you can receive may be affected by the state’s threshold law.

is a no-fault clinic. That means we are certified by the state of New York to treat personal injury cases including whiplash injuries. By offering some of the best medical care and the expertise to help you navigate the medical claims system, we stand ready and willing to help you.

What is New York threshold law?

The severity of your injury will affect the amount of compensation you may be able to receive through your personal injury claim. New York threshold law defines what it considers serious. There are several common injuries that, even if they are not specifically listed, may still fall within this threshold. These can include soft tissue injuries, muscle strains, and herniated discs to name a few.

What is a statute of limitations?

A statute of limitations is simply a deadline for filing a claim. That deadline depends on the type of claim and you may have as little as 30 days to report an accident, seek treatment, or begin the claim process. It’s best to seek expert medical care and legal help as soon as possible so don’t wait. Not only will they know all the ins and outs, but they can also get the ball rolling while you work on recovering. Regardless, you should seek medical care within 48 hours of an accident so that a proper diagnosis can be made and treatment can be started as soon as possible.

For further information about your rights in regards to personal injury claims in New York you can find expert legal advice at Tona Law.

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Whiplash Injury

Causes of whiplash

Being rear-ended by another car, at as little at 5 mph, can cause whiplash injury to soft tissue and joints in your cervical spine. With car accidents, the severity and type of injury depend on a variety of factors from seatbelt usage and airbags to speed and direction of the collision.

While car accidents are the most familiar, there are several ways that a whiplash injury, or other personal injuries, can occur.

  • Any motor vehicle accident (truck, bus, train, motorcycle, etc.)
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Slip or trip and falls
  • Construction accidents
  • Insufficient or negligent property maintenance
  • Sports accidents
  • Physical abuse

And if an injury happens while on the job? It may be considered a workman’s compensation claim. Synergy Wellness Chiropractic & Physical Therapy accepts some workers compensation and no fault cases in New York State. It’s recommended to call the office to see if we would accept your case.

What is a whiplash injury

A whiplash injury occurs when there is a sudden movement of the head and neck going forward and getting whipped back, like a whip. It is more commonly associated with rear-end collisions but it can also happen while playing sports or anything that causes your neck to whip forward and back suddenly. It is also called neck sprain or strain, all of these terms are appropriate.

It’s really important when you have a whiplash injury to understand that you may not have symptoms right away. This actually happens quite often. There are many different symptoms associated with whiplash injuries. Since symptoms can come on days or even weeks later it is very important to accept medical care at the scene of your accident when possible or at least within 48 hours.

Symptoms of whiplash injury

The symptoms of whiplash injury will usually progress over a few days but, like I previously stated, they do not always show up right away.

Common symptoms of whiplash injury

More severe symptoms may include blurred vision, irritability, tinnitus, and even depression.

Whiplash injury treatment

Finding a capable healthcare provider who understands effective whiplash injury treatment is the key to your recovery. That is where the medical staff at Synergy Wellness come in. What we do is really unique. We offer several effective and evidence-based treatment options to give you the targeted care you need. We cover all the bases of pain management, exercise, physical therapy, and chiropractic. Research has shown that whiplash injuries respond best to a combination of therapies.

With whiplash, the goals of treatment include controlling your pain, restoring normal range of motion, and getting you back to your normal routine. What that looks like for you, and how long it will take, depends on the severity of your injury. For the majority of people, following a treatment plan will generally get you back to normal in a few weeks. However, long-term chronic issues are a possibility if the injury is severe.

At Synergy Wellness located in the east village of New York City our range of innovative treatment options can be combined to work synergistically and help your body heal faster.

Our Treatment Toolbox

  • Chiropractic
  • Physical therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Cold laser therapy

Cold laser therapy is by far the most effective treatment immediately after an accident. This innovative therapy calms the inflammation to soothe the pain and also relaxes the muscles.

Whiplash exercises

Are you are suffering from the effects of a whiplash injury? If you are I’ve got some really great exercises (10 Disc Herniation Exercises for the Neck) for you. Whether the injury occurred months or years ago and even it wasn’t treated properly, these exercises can help. This video will walk you through these 10 exercises that you can do right now at home.

Preventing whiplash

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That certainly remains true when it comes to whiplash injury. Something as simple as a properly adjusted headrest, seat, and seatbelt can drastically reduce your risk of this common injury. Unfortunately, it’s not something most people think about. Did you know that about 75% of headrests are improperly positioned? That is a shocking statistic. Another thing to think about is your seat. A seat that is too laid back, or reclined, creates more hyperextension. This increases the severity of a whip-like motion. The improper positioning of a seatbelt can also increase the risk of injury if it cuts across your neck or head.

As you can see, most whiplash injuries can be avoided just by making sure these three safety tools are properly positioned. Would you like to learn more about reducing your risk of whiplash injury in a car accident? Here is a 3-part series on how to Prevent Whiplash.

Additional resources

Mayo Clinic-whiplash


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What doctor is best for whiplash? ›

You'll need to begin by making an appointment with a doctor who specializes in whiplash. Orthopedic doctors specialize in the musculoskeletal system, making them the right choice if you have whiplash. Find out what to expect if you visit an orthopedic doctor for whiplash. Your doctor will ask you to list your symptoms.

How much do you get for whiplash neck injury? ›

Compensation for whiplash ranges from a minimum of £240 to a maximum payout of £4,345. Typically, the average compensation amount for whiplash is between £570 and £630. As part of the Civil Liabilities Act, compensation amounts for whiplash injuries are now based on how long your injury lasts.

Can a Dr do anything for whiplash? ›

Your doctor will likely prescribe a series of stretching and movement exercises for you to do at home. These exercises can help restore range of motion in your neck and get you back to your normal activities. Applying moist heat to the painful area or taking a warm shower may be recommended before exercise.

Can you sue for whiplash in NY? ›

Whiplash is rarely fatal and often heals in time, but it can be very painful and require costly medical treatments. You can sue for compensation for your whiplash pain and medical bills. New York follows a no-fault rule when it comes to insurance for car accidents.

Do I need an MRI for whiplash? ›

Some whiplash injuries heal on their own with minimal treatment. However, such injuries can develop long-term problems. MRIs can help predict whether an injury is severe enough, and can help you receive the right treatment from the start to prevent future complications.

What happens if whiplash goes untreated? ›

Because a whiplash injury is a strain on your neck muscles as well as the tendons and ligaments in your neck, untreated whiplash can lead to spinal misalignment. When your spine is out of alignment, you can experience chronic structural problems, literally from your head to your feet.

What is the minimum whiplash payout? ›

Calculating The Minimum Whiplash Compensation Payout
Duration of injuryLowerUpper
Under 3 months£240£260
3 – 6 months£495£520
6 – 9 months£840£895
9 – 12 months£1,320£1,390
3 more rows
Jun 1, 2023

What is stage 3 whiplash? ›

Grade 3: With Grade 3 whiplash, there are also neurological signs beyond the pain and swelling. These can include numbness, tingling, headaches, vision problems, trouble swallowing, vertigo, muscle weakness, and more. Grade 4: Whiplash is classified as Grade 4 when there are fractures or dislocations.

How long do whiplash claims take? ›

There's no set time for a whiplash claim to be settled. If it's a relatively straightforward claim, it should be resolved by your insurer, usually within a few months. But, if it's a complicated claim, the process can take longer.

Does whiplash show up on xray? ›

The difficulty with diagnosing whiplash is that it does not really show up on an X-ray, CT scan or an MRI scan.

What surgery do they do to fix whiplash? ›

If the whiplash caused any damage to the spinal cord or nerves, then one of the following procedures may be performed: Corpectomy. This procedure involves removing part of the vertebrae to reduce pressure on the spinal cord and nerves if that is the source of the pain. Laminectomy or Laminoplasty.

Is whiplash a permanent injury? ›

Whiplash is often a minor concern, causing pain, soreness or stiffness but no long-term effects. When it's more severe, whiplash can cause long-term pain and complications. In the most extreme cases, whiplash can cause severe spinal injuries that can be permanently disabling or deadly.

Is it too late to claim whiplash? ›

Typically, accident claims, such as whiplash compensation claims can be made up to three years after the date of the initial accident.

What is classed as serious whiplash? ›

You have injured your neck and: you have severe pain despite taking paracetamol or ibuprofen. you have tingling or pins and needles on 1 or both sides of your body. you have problems with walking or sitting upright. you have a sudden "electric shock" feeling in your neck and back which may also go into your arms and ...

Do they pay out for whiplash? ›

If you suffered a whiplash injury as the passenger in a car or other motor vehicle, you can still make a claim for whiplash compensation. If the driver of the vehicle you were in was at fault, you would be claiming against their insurance policy.

Should you see a neurologist for whiplash? ›

In-car accidents, the rotational forces involved in the impact can cause dynamic responses from the body, causing strains on areas of the skull, brain stem, and neck muscles that can lead to irreversible damage if not treated by a neurologist.

Is it good to go to chiropractor for whiplash? ›

Although rest and limited motion may feel good, it is not a wise treatment method for avoiding long-term complications. Instead, seeing a whiplash chiropractor as soon after the injury as possible is one of your best treatment options.

Do you go to a chiropractor for whiplash? ›

Whether from a car accident, sports, or an accident at work, whiplash or other neck injuries warrant a thorough check-up. Whether from a car accident, sports, or an accident at work, whiplash or other neck injuries warrant a thorough chiropractic check-up.

How do you get checked out for whiplash? ›

In order for whiplash to be diagnosed you'll need an assessment from a healthcare professional. They'll ask you questions about your neck issue and then carry out a physical examination. This may include checking your range of movement and strength.


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